I set up Cat Christopherson Design in a ‘now or never’ moment in September 2017. My line of business for ten years previous had been domestic (mal) management and juvenile mediation, which sent me quietly mad in the beginning and openly crazy latterly. I still retain this role, but knew that without a suitable diversion, I probably be spending my next Big Birthday, rocking in a corner of some kind of institution.

Ever since doing Art A-level (the only art-related accreditation to my name), I’ve always found respite and revival in painting, drawing, printing, collaging … whatever I can get my hands on. Without wishing to get all mature cheddar about it, it’s the one thing I do that simultaneously allows me to lose myself and find myself in one fell swoop (love a bit of multitasking). And I love it. I really love it.

Love’s not always enough though. Sometimes we need purpose and guidance. And in 2016, That’s precisely what I stumbled across. Enter the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (ABSPD), a jam packed, utterly comprehensive online course headed up by the gifted and highly successful surface pattern designer, Rachael Taylor. ABSPD has given me a sense of direction I can genuinely say I’ve never held with such assurance. Hence the birth of Cat Christopherson Design. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. ¬†From getting products manufactured, to setting up a stock system, to filing accounts, to marketing designs ….. I’m basically clueless.

Here I am nonetheless: designer of patterns and maker of lovely things which, I hope bring a bit of spark and joy to those who use them



For anyone interested in the ABSPD course: