Not So Clueless After all??

Even I’ll concede that four months between blog posts is probably not conducive to rallying interest in my little surface pattern adventure. You don’t need to be a marketing guru to surmise that if this becomes a habit, I might not ever reach an audience; make meaningful contacts; build a brand; grow my business; blah blah blah. True. But such goals are unlikely ever to be attained without products and designs in the first place. In short, that’s exactly what I’ve been beavering away with this first half of the year.

My shortcomings as a blogger can be, in greater part, blamed on The Art And Business of Surface Pattern Design’s final Make it in Design module; the Ultimate Portfolio Builder. Not only has it done what it said on the tin, but it has granted me a pulse-raising, fantastically exciting opportunity. You see, somehow I managed to win myself a little competition. I say ‘somehow’, because I still find it difficult to believe that a design which came about accidentally during a collage activity (which in itself was meant purely as therapy after three days getting nowhere with the design brief), could actually be a contender for such an amazing prize.



Said prize permits me to exhibit one of my designs (from process to product) as part of the Make it in Design’s stand at New Designers, London. For those not in the know, New Designers is the annual showcase for design graduates. It gives these “3,000 Breakthrough Talents” an opportunity to put the accumulation of four years hard graft out there for the world (and potential buyers, employers, agents etc.) to see. I’ve been designing for a year….. on a very (if enforced) part-time basis. And I’m not 21. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bricking it. Just a little bit. But excitement and  a sense of child-like adventure are still winning the day. So off I shall trot tomorrow. To The Big Smoke. To exhibit at an actual exhibition.

Holy Cow.