The Big C

A crisp, frosty, blue-skied Somerset has marked the last day of November. As of tomorrow, I will no longer be marginally irritated by the icicle lights adorning the  village pub, the garlands of ivy dressing the village railings, or the sizeable spruce bedecked with red baubles, standing pride of place outside the village cafe. Tomorrow I shall be ready to embrace the village festive spirit, not least because Saturday marks my first Fair, exhibiting and selling as an actual designer (though I still feel a bit of a fraud describing myself thus). So while some might be seeking out the perfect tree, or making wreaths to welcome visitors to their home, this is what my floor looks like right now:


And while I probably ought to be working out what Santa will be bringing the kids this year (not much as it stands), the only thing occupying my mind at this moment is: will my room still look like this on Monday?? Dear lord, please let somebody actually want to buy this stuff!!!

I also had a panic last week that I had nothing festive to sell at the Christmas fair. (When was the last time you saw a nativity shepherd sporting a watering can towel on his head?) Having abandoned my failed attempts at Christmas cards last month, I (slightly hastily) threw together some last minute ideas for gift wrap.

Here’s what I came up with:















































And here’s the outcome:



All things considered, I’m quite pleased with the result. Fingers crossed for some buyers who think so too.


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