Making Sales

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of 2017’s (not so extensive) tea towel collection ….. ta da! Thus far I have been incredibly lucky to have wonderful family and friends who – albeit, quite potentially out of pity – have purchased enough towels to make a little dent in my stock. Whether this level of purchasing plays out in the ‘real world’, where customers don’t know me from Adam, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it has given me a confidence boost for the forthcoming Christmas Fair next weekend.

Since my last blog, I have also taken the plunge and approached several local retailers with a view to having them stock a few CCD items on a Sale or Return basis. The outcome of this was mixed: On the plus side, those I spoke to were receptive and honest; they’re interested in promoting local artists, they like the designs and quality of the products, and they could see them fitting into their shop. I might, however, like to think about selling them in a bundle with an apron and/or oven mitt, as this would probably generate more sales.  I couldn’t agree more with this latter point, but it’s not something that’s going to happen with this particular collection owing to both financial and time constraints.

On the down side, most places seemed to want between 30% and 40% of sales. 30% I could live with. 40% would leave me with about 45p profit per unit. While I’m not in this line of work for the money (!), this makes no business sense at all. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m striving to make a small profit in my first two years; I want to be able to reinvest in my business …. to make things like aprons and oven mitts!

As someone who this year, has done about 90% of her Christmas shopping online, I’m also very aware that I need an online presence and sales facility. But this is going to have to wait until after the Big C. It will be my big step forward of 2018!





Oooh, also ….. here is my first manufactured cushion. One of 20! I’m pleased with the quality and design, but I have a lot to learn when it comes to a design on a computer screen vs that same design on fabric; the final item isn’t quite as bright as I’d hoped. That said, I know how to remedy it for next time. Plus, I’ve bought two for my bedroom, and they look rather nice.



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