Creating opportunity

It’s been a while (three weeks in fact), but after the chaos that half-term and illness  bestowed upon life, I am back in the driver’s seat ready to propel this design machine forward. Yes!

Well, maybe not so much of a machine as a moped.

A learner on a moped.

A learner, with no sense of direction (or satnav) on a moped.

Still, a learner is a learner, and learn I must. This means being ready to swoop down on any opportunity that presents itself. Except that opportunities don’t always just present themselves. That much I do know. Opportunity has to be sought, chased after, hounded down, until its only option is surrender. Any successful, self-made business person, has created their own opportunities and pounced. Creating them I can do. Pouncing? That, I’m much less sure about. I’ve always been more of a tiptoer, nervously meeting her target, then fleeing, lump in throat, heart pounding, hoping that somewhere en-route, a large hole will offer an escape route from which no one has ever returned.

Here’s the thing. Last week, my very first bulk order of t-towels arrived ….. all 125 of them. Am I pleased with them? Yes. Did I spend a fair chunk of my business investment on them? Yes. Are they sat in a box, in my hallway, screaming ‘money down the drain!!’ every time I walk past them. Yes.

I have stock. And it needs shifting.

The good news is that I’ve booked my first sales gig (whoop!) at our local village/school Christmas Fair. But unless all the good people of Chew Magna have ‘t-towel with pictures of watering cans’ on their shopping list, chances are I’m going to be left with a fair bit of kitchen linen on my hands by the end of the day. I need to create some alternative sales strategies. Online is an obvious choice, but I’d also really like to connect with local businesses ….. to see if  some of the local gift shops might consider sicking a few t-towels on their shelves and seeing what happens. It’s not like I’ve got anything to lose …. except perhaps confidence, credibility, reputation …. oh, and money. Thinking about it, I have not the fist idea of how much commission these places take. How will I know if I’m being ripped off? Completely clueless. Still …. it’s no excuse for not pulling my finger out.

In the meantime, here’s the front and back of my first business card. I’ve sent it to print regardless of whether I think it represents my design style or not. Maybe I’m acting prematurely, but I figure I need something other than my vacant mug to represent CCD when introducing myself to  potential stockists.





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