From Concept to Creation

Last week I spent a good while getting back to basics. And it was blissful. Much time was spent cutting shapes out the textures I made the other week using printing implements various, from onions to sponges to leaves. I took much inspiration from the plant below …. no idea what it is.  But I found it on the side of the road and thought the leaves were just beautiful.

Next up, I chose a couple of prints, drew a rough shapes, and got cutting!




Finally, time to scan, and let Illustrator work its magic. I’ve come up with one design concept in two colourways, as seen below. I rather thought they would lend themselves to fabric, so have mocked them up on cushions. It’s taken a day, but think I like them. And how very refreshing it is, to actually be firm in my opinion of my own work. It doesn’t happen very often!






And the second colourway ….








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