Still Stuck on Trees

Continuing from my last post ….

  • Decided I didn’t like Monday’s tree designs.
  • Couldn’t work out why.
  • Tried something completely different, resulting in this ….





  • Liked these designs this afternoon.
  • Returned to them this evening and wasn’t so sure.
  • Knew I liked the colours so decided to re-hash one of Monday’s design with them …. just as an experiment.
  • Came up with this …


  • Pretty sure said experiment – the one that took all of 10 minutes to edit – is actually the strongest of the lot.
  • Feeling confused.
  • Very confused
  • Confusion currently accompanied by the Husband, who’s entered into a snore-off with himself.
  • Sat in the dark and can’t read what I’m typing … stooping and squinting to decipher the letters.
  • My mind is wandering to domestic affairs;  I haven’t washed the soggy swimming gear ready for a sproglet’s lesson tomorrow.
  • It’s 01.06. It is tomorrow.
  • I’m feeling hungry. Maybe the three chocolate biscuits I ate for tea are starting to wear off.
  • Perhaps I should go and eat breakfast.
  • I can’t …. I forgot to buy milk.
  • And bread.
  • The husband has just woken up. Am I going to be long?? He does not sound pleased.
  • He does not sound pleased at all.
  • Think I might need to find a meditation app….
  • …. and a ‘how to tell if your designs work’ app.
  • Over and out
  • Oh crap. The swimming kit …..



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