Troublesome trees

It’s 11.59pm, and all I have to say is …

A) I love quality drawing time … time where I get lost in line, shape and mark-making (not forgetting the all important music and coffee). After an immersive 90 minutes doing the aforementioned I’m always on a high … I feel relaxed, energised, and excited about everything I could do with those drawings … all the possibilities that lie before me.

B) When a design comes together … when that lightbulb moment suddenly materialises …. it’s pretty thrilling.

C) Getting from A to B … if it even happens …. is a bloody great headache.

I love the design process (step C included). But I’m not a natural. How is it possible to have so many ideas in my head brought about by one single drawing, only to find myself staring at that same drawing on a computer three hours later, and still drawing a blank?

Today has been one of those days. I’ve managed to come up with all of two co-ordinating design concepts for Christmas cards, but as is the case more often than not, I’ll have to re-visit them in a few days to work out i) if they work and ii) whether I even like them (!)



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