A bit of garden magic

Today’s planned blog has been hampered by small humans various (quelle surprise). On the plus side, the day has been beautiful, and I managed to sit out in our beautiful garden, undisturbed (but for the for the dulcet background notes of warring tots), for a whole ten minutes . More impressive still …. I finished an entire mug of instant; quite the achievement.

On the theme of garden loveliness, the botanical motifs in these designs were all pre-drawn a few months back during one of my sketching jaunts to a local cafe. (This is something I manage to do once every few weeks: me, my headphones, a few sheets of paper and my trusty black pen. My piece of heaven.) Today I experimented with different textures to add a bit of depth, and also added some colour. The palette in the third design is quite a departure from my usual blues and corals. I think I like it …..  maybe it’s probably a grower. Regardless, the process was a whole heap of fun.




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