Ode to a mug

Maybe it’s an age thing, but of late I’ve started to become picky about mugs.  More specifically, I’m really rather choosy when comes to deciding from which mug I should drink which hot beverage. It’s a foible which began to rear its finicky head when I found myself drifting into the mid-thirties neck of the woods.

By tradition I’m an Early Grey and Americano-with-a-dash-of-milk drinker, (though I have been known to venture into herbal tea territory, and more infrequently still, hot chocolate).  Tea must be consumed from a tall, dusky purple number, embellished with abstract foliage. Drinking it from my lovely Tate Modern offering, with designer paint drips running down the sides, is also acceptable. To select the mug decorated with gardening implements various, on the other hand, demonstrates a bona fide brew emergency. Conversely, coffee from the same would be admissible. Coffee from the Paperchase zebra mug, however, is always preferable.

Yesterday my darling Sister-in-law gifted me two scrumptious Queens Couture mugs by Churchill (Toucan Crush and Flamingo Crush, below). Drinking anything from these beauties will be unashamedly gratifying. Which is exactly how it should be.

Queens Couture Toucan Crush Mug by Churchill.Queens Couture Flamingo Crush Mug by Churchill

It suddenly occurred to me that all mugs should serve this purpose; they play as much a part in pleasure giving as the beverage itself. A light bolt moment: there is no longer room in my life for ugly mugs…. worse still, dull mugs. Today I have done away with four such offending articles. It felt good.

Until now I hadn’t really thought about printing my designs onto mugs as a first step into manufacturing. But given today’s epiphany, perhaps I should. I’ve no idea where to start in terms of printers, materials, cost etc., but I have to start somewhere, and start I shall.

Here are some beverage-related scribbles …. not designs for mugs themselves, but a thoroughly delicious exercise exploring line and texture. I had a lot of fun with both.




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