Alliums and small people

Ahh ….. the Summer holidays. That wonderful time when attempting to begin new design projects is futile. Tweens, tots, and time in the studio? Jog on. Yes … my plans to throw together some quick Christmas giftwrap ideas over August, have been well and truly thwarted. I’ve probably missed the boat when it comes to getting festive stuff finished in time anyway, but come September I shall soldier on regardless. (There’s always 2018 after all.)

In the mean time, TCPD posts will comprise random snippets of this and that: inspiration, random sketches or photos, or just stuff that makes me smile.

Today’s morsel comes in the form of Alliums. I spotted some beautiful dead heads today on the dashboard of our lovely gardener’s van. (Our gardener is the second most indispensable constant in our lives after toilet roll: i) because our garden is a wild beast which needs taming with the greenest of fingers ii) I am even more baffled by horticulture than by Photoshop.) Earlier this year she gave me some deadheads from our own garden, which now sit in a jug looking beautiful. Inspiration ensued, I got scribbling, and here’s what happened …..




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