In celebration of The Ugly.

So I’m a Blogger. Not fully fledged, granted. But I’ve not had a job title in nearly 10 years, and it feels good.  As my chosen blogger name suggests, I really have no idea what I’m doing. So this evening I sought help, courtesy of a fabulously insightful and honest podcast aptly named, The Honest Designers Show. Rather astutely (I think), I opt for the episode entitled Social Media for Designers. Imagine my horror 14 minutes in, when I hear the words:

“[….. ] blogging has kind of died”

…… not terribly helpful to a nonplussed blogging novice who can’t even fathom how to add a link to The Honest Designers Show in her post.

There is good news though! (Brilliant. I can practically feel the whoop-whoops!! bubbling up inside me.) Apparently, aiming for perfection in a blog is just plain silly; it’s labour intensive, more stressful, and there’s no reason to suggest you’ll gain a greater following as a result. Plus …. as you’ll likely spend more time on a ‘perfect’ blog than on one just thrown together, you’ll also likely to be posting less often. And what do blog followers like? Consistency (apparently.) You have to post often. So here, according to The Honest Designers, is the good news:

  • It doesn’t need to be clever
  • It doesn’t need to be witty
  • Ugly sketches are good (People like to witness your ‘human’ side apparently.)

Already I can see that I’m onto a winner. Henceforth I shall adopt the suggested guideline: give yourself just 30 minutes a day in which to cobble something together. Then just post it. In the spirit of the afore-mentioned (and given today’s allotted time expired 15 minutes ago), I leave you with a few selected pieces which whole-heartedly embrace The Ugly, (and prove I’m human):

(Yes, they all embody the ‘bleugh’ factor, but they’re my bleugh designs damnit. They get a bleugh Cat Christopherson Design copyright ©)




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