Clueless …. no, really.


Well isn’t this funny. My very first Blog post. I’ve promised to be completely honest about my foray into the world of surface pattern design. And what better way to start than to share with the world that I cannot even fathom how to upload a jpeg to customise my Header… (I think that’s what it’s called). Yes … this is the level of primitiveness we’re talking here.

Still, on the plus side, at least I’ll have given those ‘happiness’ engineers at WordPress a  laugh. And making people laugh is a joyous thing. So at least I can sleep safe in the knowledge I have performed a good deed today.

The only way is up.

(Or so I’m told …..)

5 thoughts on “Clueless …. no, really.

  1. Delighted to see you following your dreams – enjoy the adventure and never lose your sense of humour. For what it’s worth I like the header and the look and feel of the site 🙂

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